Wednesday, February 16, 2005

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So it is official... There is no NHL this year. I personally gave up hope in January. I guess the die hards were still hanging on to the possibility that those greedy bastards would be able to come to an agreement. When I say greedy bastards I mean both the players and the owners. Nothing irritates me more than someone who enjoys what they do for a living... is doing what they have always wanted to do, and then complains that millions of dollars per year is not enough of a wage. I mean it is not as if they work 60 hours a week under horrible conditions all the while barely making ends meet. They are paid to have the best medical and physical support, play in state of the art buildings, have technological advantages that cancer patients would kill for, and are still unsatisfied. Sure they bring joy to the masses and increase beer sales nationwide, but so do strippers and hot summer days. You tell me when was the last time your saw a 200 pound goalie take his clothes off in front of a bunch of drunken yahoos yelling obscenities at him, when all he or she is trying to do is pay off his or her enormous student loan debt. That may be a little harsh, but you get my point.
Then there are the owners. Give me a break... the fact that you are even entertaining the notion that these so called 'over paid jocks' are worth a salary cap in the 20 to 30 million dollar range. I mean come on you are just as much to blame for this. Times are so tough for you poor snivelling monkeys that you have to resort to low budget commercials. Enter the Quizno's ad on TV with Don Cherry and Tie Domi. Don't tell me money is an issue for you greedy bastards... I am sure that commercial wasn't done for free.
It all really makes me wonder... if we paid our doctors, nurses and teaches as much as we pay our pro athletes, would we have the issues we have with education and healthcare?

Food for thought... now blog about it!

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Carmi said...

Yawn. Mark my words: the NHL will implode and will be replaced by a more rationally-run entity that respects the lore of the sport and the role it plays in society.

This entire episode represents all that is so very wrong with professional sport. I believe we have reached the tipping point.