Monday, February 14, 2005

Has it been over a week already?

Well happy Valentine's Day all.

I honestly think that this has turned into a mass marketed holiday. An excuse for florists and candy makers to jack up their prices and make people feel terrible for not expressing their love all year long. A true sign of a valentine is someone who shows you how important you are every day, not just on the day that they are told to by the cards and the calendar. Chris and I chose not to do anything special for Valentine's Day this year. Instead we went out on a date last night, dinner and a movie and just enjoyed each others company. Mind you I suppose we are in a bit of a unique situation since we are "growing" the ultimate example of our love as we speak. Sorry to get all mushy on you for a moment... Hormones... They are beyond my control. All I am saying is that if you truly love someone, why not show them all year long? A little note in their lunch, or an I love you email for no apparent reason will go a long way in keeping you out of the proverbial dog house then a dozen roses and a card will on one single day.

So this whole pregnancy thing has me all over the emotional roller coaster. It is amazing to me how one day I can feel sorta normal( nausea and headache aside) and the n wake up at 4 o clock in the morning and just start crying. Any woman who said pregnancy is a joy must not have memory of the first trimester, either that or is in denial! Today is actually the first day that I have felt pretty normal. My clothes are starting to be a lot less comfortable, and not just my pants. I am not really nauseous anymore, have no headache today and was actually in pretty good spirits all day long. I am actually gonna chock this one up to a full nights sleep last night( I consider it full when I only get up once to make a trip to the potty). For the first time in about a month I have slept more than about 4 hours and it really helped.
Everyone has said that once the first trimester is over things get better for a few months... I have a week and 4 days to go. Time will tell.

Thanks to Mr. Kuiack and the Princess for their blog well wishes on the pregnancy. It means so much when people from your past have nice things to say in the present about your future.

So we are very much struggling with the name game. I think we have concreted middle names for both a boy (John Thomas after our grandfathers) and a girl (Elizabeth which is common amongst 6 of our family members), however we struggle on The Peanut's first name. We came across a couple likely candidates this weekend, Cassandra for a girl and Austin for a boy. Any one have any suggestions? Any help would be appreciated, I never realized how big of an undertaking it would be to come up with a name that we could both agree on, and that wasn't already taken in our families.

Well time to feed the Peanut.

Cheers all.


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Karen said...

Hey there, haven't gotten around to sending my congrats yet so doing so now. I am so happy for you and don't worry, in the grand scheme of things, 14 or 15 years down the road, the first trimester will be remembered as only mildly uncomfortable and you will suffer from lack of sleep for all different reasons! lol.. I must admit though, the thought of Leanne and mushy being used in the same sentence kind of worries me.... :) Seriously, though, I wish you nothing but the best and hopefully the smooth sailing will begin soon. Pregnancy really can be the best time in your life, everything is new and life takes on a whole new meaning... Names? All I ask is that you please wait til the drugs wear off -- we really don't need a new spelling of Mackenzie...