Sunday, March 28, 2004

KarloSoze lives again!

Thanks to Mr. Kuiack I was kindly tipped off to to the fact that our dear Carlo has blessed the land of blogging again. I suspect that his words will be sporadic as usual but as entertaining as ever.

Hey Carlo, if you are reading, congrats eh! I hear you are doing the ultimate grown up act... getting married. Good man :o)

I learned something today, actually not that I actually learned something new, more so a reinforcement of fact that I tend to forget. Here it is...

'Regardless of the time of day, 5 minutes is the longest time frame there is!'

Think about it, not too hard though, my intention is not to cause cerebral hemorrhaging.
Think of all the times in a day, month week, year, that you hear, "I will be there in 5 minutes!" or "I am leaving here in 5!" or "Sure, shouldn't take me more than 5, no problem!" or "Follow that road about 5 minutes then turn right or left. You'll know when you have gone to far when...."
Now think about how many times those instructions, quotations, exclamations and summations of time were actually 5 minutes. If your law of averages are something like mine then you have probably given up at least a year of your life counting on these 5's to actually be just that. The definition of Insanity sums it up I think. We have a saying at work that at this moment I cannot remember verbatim how it goes however, it follows the context of... " repeatedly doing something wrong and making no changes to how you do it however expecting a new result! that is insanity!" So why do we, the human race, such poor creatures of habit, when we know that it is not going to happen in 5 minutes still wait 10,20, 30 or even 90 minutes for "it" to happen. Insane I say!

Sim update....
My roommate got a promotion at work and she has stopped peeing on the floor!, I bought a fireplace and am depressed because I work too much... ah the irony!


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