Saturday, March 27, 2004

Hello, My Name is Leanne and, I am a Simaholic.

I confess, I have successfully been bitten by the gaming bug. In the past I have cursed them, never had anything good to say about them, other then the fact that they have amazing graphics and special effects. Alas, I digress, I am an addict. The Sims, they did it, hooked me within the first 3 hours of the experience. As hard as I try, I cannot live without it. I think about how my disfunctional family is doing all day long. I jones to go home to find out if my damn roommate has peed on the floor again or if the fish died or if the repairman fixed the hot tub. I cringe at the fact that my stupid roommate won't change a lightbulb or flush the damn toilet. She just got fired two minutes ago, stupid and now I have to start all over again. Well at least until the last save! Phew for the save feature! SO alas I admit, I am aware that the addiction exists, and no! I am not prepared for therapy yet! I will seek help ones it is required and not a moment before. I have not missed work yet because of it, I still talk to my boyfriend and yes I still eat! I know that I am lacking on regular blog updates this I am truly sorry for, but what do you expect me to do, unplug the X Box? You have got to be kidding!!

Well in my real life things are totally insane. I am in the midst of working 16 days in a row, I am still not sure which club I am going to be working out of as of April first and during the month of April my job is sending me all over Ontario. I will be in Ottawa one day and then Markham the next and then London the following day. Bling Bling for the mileage fairy! Other than that all is well. Tired but well.

Gotta go, my quest for a new roommate will not accomplished unless I continue the game.

Cheers! Happy Spring all.

Oh and Happy Belated Birthday to The Google Master, both you and your blog have lasted another year... great job, have one on me :o)

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