Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Got Sent Home From Work... Might as Well Blog!

SO the title says it all. Got sent home from work because I have Impetigo Impetigo. Not sure how I got it, haven't had it in years, and all the info states that kids are the primary recipients of this disgusting skin ailment, so not sure why I have it at 29( well almost 29). Well either way I have gotten 2 days off of work paid since I am salaried and another tomorrow, if it is not cleared up enough to not be considered contagious.

The boss said to go home and relax... Not quite sure what this relaxing thing is that people keep telling me that I should do, to me it equals boredom. I think I will end up going to the gym, Sandringham GoodLife has BodyFlow on tonight at 6:30... Sounds like a plan to me. Body Flow is awesome. I recommend it to all of you who want to get into a healthier lifestyle yet lack the interest of have too much fear. Flow is awesome as it is a no impact group class that follows a non conventional format, addressing the strengths and weaknesses in body mind and spirit. Sound hokey? It is not I promise.

So what is new in my world? Well I finished Boot Camp, it was very informative to say the least. Almost scary informative. I am supposed to do a feedback email on it and I have yet to do so, still attempting to process all the information I suppose. Unfortunaley I cannot say that I had a pleasant experience in the Hotels that I was booked into. The Valhalla Inn on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being, move me in I am home, I would give it a 5. 3 of the 5 points come from how awesome the beds and pillows were. A loss of 3 points came from the customer service and the inadequacies of the staff. The last 2 points gained came from the convenience of having all the conference rooms right on sight fully serviced. I had to take 2 points away for the fact that it was 10 bucks for 2 eggs poached and 2 pieces of toast! Not room service even! When you are there for a week that is well over 50 bucks just for breakfast! Needless to say I am broke after that week, I will get it back, I get to expense it however it will be a month before I get reimbursed.

Now the second hotel was The Raddison, I would give it a 6.75 out of 10. The beds sucked!, especially after leaving the amazing beds at the Valhalla, but the customer Service was far superior, and the dining was miles above the Valhalla. We had full service conference rooms there as well, and the rooms were nicer. The rooms were nicer too, but still I wouldn't stay there again unless it was another work function. Both times I had a gorgeous view of either the 427 or the 401( both multi lane provincial highways here in Ontario).

On a fluffier note, it snowed here... Again! I am tired of the snow, winter is a take it or leave it season in my opinion, and I would rather leave it.

Oh ya I almost forgot... Happy St. Patrick's Day! . Can you tell that I am not Irish. I find the
Story of St. Pat really interesting though, all those years of thinking that he was the dude that got rid of all the snakes in Ireland, wow what a little history lesson will teach you. So in the spirit of the holiday here is a quiz for ya Do you have the luck of the Irish?.

Well that is it for today, now go get yourself some green beer eh!


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