Thursday, January 12, 2006

4 months old

Well she has hit another mile stone, today Hannah turned 4 months old. She spent the day sleeping...
She also hung out with her Daddy ...

and played with the remote control Jeep and even went to the park! (where she cried the whole time, apparently 4 months old is not old enough to appreciate +7 in January). All in all she had a pretty chillin day. This evening she got a visitor, Karen came over(Amanda's Grandma) and Hannah loves Karen so she was almost on her best behaviour, minus a few screams and a super puker episode... But hey at least she turned her head so we could see the whole process...LOL. I have given her a new nickname Pukearoo!

All and all things are going pretty well in our new house. Hannah and Daquiri get along great, and things are sorta getting unpacked. I have ventured into domestic goddess land head on with a sewing adventure on my new handy blue sewing machine. I currently am 45% of the way through one panel for the curtains for the livingroom window. Lessons learned so far...
1. Start with a smaller window
2. Patterns are for rookies( I should be using one!)
3. Sewing around an infants schedule takes forever.
I am sure there are many more lessons to be learned before I am done.

Well that is it for tonight... New pics on flicker.
Until next time... Enjoy and please do a few random acts of kindness.


Joanna said...

Youve done it all wrong. This is how sewing goes.

Step 1 - locate someone who can sew, and knows you cant (this is important)
Step 2 - indicate you want to "make" something and ask for their help
Step 3 - they'll realize youre helpless and do it for you.

This can also be used for cooking, just ask my sister.

Karen said...

Thanks for the visit and the tea. Hannah was no fussier that any baby would be at that time of night. The puking incident was, well, impressive I have to say.