Monday, January 16, 2006

4 month Shots sux!

Hannah had her 4 month check up today!
The official #'s per the doctors office are...

weight: 11lbs 4 oz with diaper (5lbs 13oz @ birth)
length: 23 .50 inches( 19.25 @ birth)
She did awesome with the shots... fell asleep only cried for 5 minutes. The terror didn't start until she woke up from her 1:30pm nap. She woke up crying and continued through until 9:30pm when she fell asleep on my lap. I feel so bad for her, seeing her tiny lips quiver, the look on her face screamed..."Why did she do this to me!?" She sobbed all night... less about 2 hours( thank you Bumbo and Teddy's Choice Acetaminophen) My heart ached everytime I watched a tear drop slide down her cheek. It was as if nothing I did made her feel better.

I finally wrapped her up snug as a bug in a blanket and put her to bed at 11:01pm. Fingers crossed she sleeps for the night.

I did however get a few pics of her tonight during a cry free moment ...

or two!

Time for bed myself.



Kristine said...

I can't believe how much she's grown. At what age again can babies go in the bumbo? Jordan is almost able to hold her head up permanently. Right now, it's kind of intermittent and then it flops to my shoulder, lol.

Leanne said...

As soon as they can hold their head up on their own... that really depends, Hannah has been doing it since 7 or 8 weeks but other babies it can be as early as 4 weeks or as late as 14.

Juggling Mother said...

Ah, poor thing. Mstr A reacted really badly to his 4 month shots - the only way I could stop him crying was to feed him constantly!

just rememeber how much pain & suffering you are saving her from! She'll get over it quickly enough.

Hope she's feeling better now. She certainly looks gorgeous

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, strategically placed in front of the coffeemaker... protecting it from uncle bill... Oh my..brave little cute hannahpan!

Lisa said...

awwww... poor thing. I remember those days, and "shots" days were the worst. Hope you got a nap!

Caraloopy said...

Love that top pic....hope she feels better soon.