Sunday, July 03, 2005

The weekend Recap

So it is day 3 of a long weekend, Tuesday is my last day of work then I am off till I drive myself crazy or until Mat leave is over(hard to say which will come first!

Friday we headed out for wings and beer(well I had iced tea) then went to the top level of the parking garage at Galleria to catch the fireworks in the city. The best part about that perspective is the fact that not only do you get to see the city's mediocre attempt at fireworks but you also get to see any of the surrounding suburbs and local backyards attempts. We could see a excellent display going off in the Komoka area(we think), and I have to say the London attempt failed to even register on the comparison scale. The fireworks in the distance outshone outlasted and outsparkled.

Saturday was filled with summer stuff, we headed to Port Stanley in the jeep then wandered around on the beach for an hour or so while Chris got a sunburn, after that it was BBQ and Birthday celebrations along with our own personal firework display at the farm.

All in all it was a pretty good weekend so far. I have included pics of the birthday boy below.
I am not sure what the rest of the weekend entails... time will tell.

8 weeks 4 days or so to go, can I tell you how badly I want to be not pregnant anymore.

L8r all.

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