Saturday, July 16, 2005

Can't Sleep Might as Well Post (really long post)

I guess it has been a bit since I posted so lets bring everyone up to speed.

I am officially off work now, sick leave then Maternity leave to commence when the baby is born. I am really glad that I am off too, especially with the heat wave(again, still!). Latest pregnancy condition, swelling in the hands and overall hand pain and weakness. My hands, feet and hips feel like they belong to a stranger, the older more decrepit kind of stranger, while the rest of my body feels like it belongs to me, well me with a temporary tenant :)

Chris is on summer lay off right now so we have actually spent some time together recently. We went down east last week to visit my family. On the way there the transmission in my car decided that it wanted to act like a temperamental 2 year old and throw a tantrum. So it did all week and weekend and instead of it taking 3 hours to get there it was closer to 4 and closer to 4.5 on the way back. Alas the Contour and Ford in general are crap. Ford should stick to making 2 things trucks and mustangs everything else they should leave up to the experts. Speaking of Ford Trucks check this puppy out
I know someone who just got one... OMG I was on the test drive, this truck is awesome! There are few trucks out there now a days that can be called a man's truck but this one definitely fits the bill, oddly enough the proud new owner's name is Bill. Ford missed nothing on this truck, except maybe for making it a duelly, but I am sure that was an option.

As for the rest of the Contour saga, I have now donated it to the Teen Challenge Farm in hopes that it will do someone else some good. I am glad that it is going before the transmission totally goes (which I anticipate being any day now), hopefully some mechanically inclined individual can make it work for them. So you ask, what am I driving now? Well in about 2 hours or so I will be the proud owner of a 2002 Jeep Liberty. A beautiful slate blue Jeep Liberty. We are now a 2 jeep family, and I have an air conditioned multi purpose, reliable, under warranty 4 x 4 vehicle that is all my own. How you ask? Well lets just say that I am loved, a lot. Thank you a million thank yous, and you know who you are. Be prepared.... Pictures to follow.

So back to the vacation news or the trip home news. It was good, relaxing and full of seeing lots of people that I have not seen in a long time. Mom got me a prego massage while I was home... ahhhhhh massage! It felt amazing. For all pregnant women out there I highly recommend a massage in the sidelying position in your 8th month it is as close to heaven as you will come.
I had an great lunch with my Grandmother and Aunt and had the chance to catch up. I spent a whole entire day with my mom, even made strawberry jam ( which we screwed up and now it is strawberry sundae topping, still very tasty either way). I went to a birthday party in Whitby with my sister and saw a friend that I haven't seen in probably 4 years. Also saw her parents who it has been more that 8 years since I saw them and her oldest son which I know has been about 10 years since I saw him. I know the math there sounds a bit weird, but in a nutshell, I used to Nanny for them when he was 9 and then I moved away to college then to London and her and her ex husband split up and she moved away ( Texas and then various places in Southern Ontario). The last time I saw her was when her son was living with his father and I was visiting her at her house. Needless to say, did I ever feel old when I saw him, I mean he is now 20, has a live in girlfriend, is a Manager at Crappy Tire and is a full time student. He grew up to be gorgeous, and of the 3 boys he was the least attractive child. Always very reserved, a true daddy's boy. He has grown into quite a young man. It was great to see them all. Best part about the party.... Heated in ground pool! Pregnancy must # 2! Only second to a massage is the feeling of floating weightless in a pool. Needless to say I have been floating every chance I get lately.

As for Chris that weekend... He went on his first official outing with my father. My father and his common-law son-in-law (his new title for Chris) went on a fishing trip to Lingham Lake (zoom in it is the lake that is the funny shape North East of Madoc). They had a great time, Chris got to play in his jeep and there was man type bonding that went on, all in all a perfect weekend was had by both of us.

We stopped in Pickering ont he way home to give the transmission in the Contour a break, and walked in on a party at Chris's cousins house in full swing. In previous posts I haven mentioned Shangri La, well that is where the party was. So we got to see about 15 or 20 of his relative all in the same spot, none of which have seen me pregnant yet, so there was lots of Budda Belly rubbing going on. I totally don't mind it, especially when it is family and I know it is done out of love. They too have a heated in ground pool so you know what I was doing there! After copious amounts of BBQ we headed back to London.

Well that about brings everyone up to speed except for a pregnancy update.
Less than 50 days to go (give or take a few days of course). Baby is growing like a weed, healthy stats and measures on the last appointment, mommy is doing fine, the mural is still not finished but we are primarily prepared for the new arrival right down to having names picked out.

Other than that it is Home County this weekend and I am gonna see if I can get my belly Henna Tattooed while we are there.

Time to get ready to go pick up the Jeep.



Carmi said...

Glad to hear you're in the home stretch and still feeling up to posting. Enjoy the new wheels...sounds like they'll be a little more reliable than what you've been driving.

mike said...

1)can you fit behind the wheel?
2) did you get the henna done?
I biked on the perifery of Vic park on my way back from my ride. Didn't see any henna bellies. :)

Leanne said...

thanks Carmi, I already love it so much more then what I was driving before, I suspect I will be posting more frequently as long as the swelling stays out of my fingers and I can still type.

Mike... yes I still and no Henna booths this year at Home County so no belly art :(