Friday, July 22, 2005


So I have done it, I have a landline. In typical Leanne fashion though it is not one that supports Ma Bell or her immediate counterparts, instead it is VOIP. For those of you who are VOIP illiterate, it is voice over internet protocol. What does that mean? Well firstly unlimited long distance in Canada and the US, all the bells and whistles( call display, VM etc.) for a mere $29 bucks a month + taxes and such of course. The coolest part about it is the fact that it has a digital dashboard feature that gives you the ability to do everything online, I mean everything including emailing your messages to an address in wave format. The clarity is as good if not better than a cell phone, setup is relatively simple(if you hooked up a router or modem you can hook this up) and it is no different then using a regular telephone, and you get air miles! So if I peaked your interest then check out Primus Tel, there is no contract so what's the worst that could happen? Save money, get away from the stronghold of Bell, be a pioneer is the telephone over internet adventure. You know you wanna :)


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