Sunday, June 26, 2005

I had great weekend...

Even though I am 9 weeks and a few days away from my due date and the weather this weekend hit the mid to high 30's it was an awesome weekend.

It was full of all the things I love...road trips, friends & family, BBQ, pie, water parks, summer sunshine and shopping.

Chris and I took a road trip to Port Huron yesterday on the quest for a Travel System for the baby, and of course that also included other random shopping while we were there. Chris made his first baby purchase, which was the travel system, Go big or Go home was how he put it. By driving 2 hours we saved over a hundred bucks! Well worth the drive I would say. There is a picture of it below for those of you who are unfamiliar with what a travel system is.

On the way back we stopped at Aimee and Bill's and had a BBQ with pie included... mmmm pie :)
It was an awesome way to spend a Saturday, for the first time in a long time I didn't feel left out of something because I am pregnant. Thanks to all of you who made me feel normal for a day.

This afternoon I spent some time with Caelan and Aimee and the rest of the clan at the splash pad just off of Harris Park. This picture above is Caelan at the park today... I can't believe that he will be 2 on Tuesday. Wow how time flies. We had a blast and then I donned the walkman and walked home. The exercise felt awesome but then I was graciously reminded that I was pregnant when 50% of the walk was filled with Braxton Hicks Contractions... nothing to be alarmed about just damn annoying. When you are hauling around 30 additional pounds and the majority is a belly there is nothing more annoying than it turning rock solid when you are trying to maneuver it. At least they are not painful.

Oh ya last thought... I got to eat freshly picked local strawberries this weekend too. They are tiny this year but bursting with flavour. They went awesome with pie :)

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