Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Birthday Surprises...

Hello my name is Leanne, and I am 30!

LOL are there meetings for that?

Well I have to say this so far has been the best birthday, I will never forget it!

My bestest friend and her fabulous husband and my amazing boyfriend all arranged a big surprise adventure for my birthday, here is the story...

Friday April 29th
5:55 pm ish

Chris and I arrive at Aimee and Bill's, as per always Aimee is running on Aimee time, even though we were supposed to arrive at and depart at 5:30pm we were running late due to the evil line up at the bank. So at 7:15 or so we actually all pile into the Silver Saab and head out on the adventure. Keep in mind at this point in time I have no idea where we are going, how long it will take to get there or when I will be coming back.

8 pm ish or so

We arrive at the border... Buffalo I think,
"Where you headed?" the not completely unattractive customs officer asks
"New York City!" Bill responds
HUGE smile dawns my face... I have always wanted to go to NYC but have never made it there yet!

10 minutes later we are in USA headed to NYC!

Fast forward several hours including a stay in Syracuse and the remainder of the drive to NYC we arrive in New Jersey at the Hyatt Regency on the water overlooking Manhattan at about 2ish on the 30th.

So our rooms weren't ready so we headed to the restaurant in the hotel for lunch and then to our room. We had an awesome view of the Empire States building and the whole Manhattan skyline. Our room was awesome with a HUGE kingsize bed!

After unpacking a bit and getting directions Chris and I headed out on the PATH to go on a foot adventure in NYC.

We wandered around in the East village and the fashion district and did some shopping. We both bought a dynamite pair of Puma shoes, and a really cute I love NY outfit for the baby. After several hours of wandering we headed back to the hotel because my feet hurt like hell!!!

After changing into nicer clothes we all headed down to the restaurant and had dinner... Very nice... Very expensive.... Very yummy!
We all had red meat except Bill, he had Tuna.
The Miami Heat were staying at the Hotel since they were in town to play someone else...LOL, while we were eating dinner guess who walks by... Shaq! No shit... Damn that man is huge!

After stuffing ourselves like pigs we all waddled up to our rooms to pass out.

While laying in bed, Chris and I actually saw the baby move for the first time. I have been feeling it move for a while now and he has felt it a few times but this is the first time we ever saw it move. Apparently this kid loves NYC and gourmet food and wanted us to know about it!

We attempted to sleep however there were a bunch of rowdy morons running the halls, needless to say it was not going to put a damper on my weekend.

We got up bright and early, headed back to the restaurant to have buffet breakfast which again was amazing then off to NYC.

The PATH picked us up right outside the hotel doors and the trip was all of 3 minutes to the WTC site, then 20 minutes to Central Park where the day began. We went on a carriage ride through Central Park, saw Trump International Place, Tavern on the Green and of course Central Park. Aimee was feeling crappy so she and Bill headed back to the hotel soon after that and Chris and I continued on our foot adventure.

This is how it panned out...

We went to Rockefeller Center to Build a Bear and made the baby a teddy bear with all our love.
Then we headed to the underground part of Rockefeller and then to the NBC studios store. After that we wandered through the city saw Radio City Music Hall, wandered through Times Square and then headed to Macy's after stopping at Subway for some lunch. Macy's is really friggen huge, Chris bought a tie since he left his at home and needed it for the "event" that evening.

Then it was the Empire States building... After over an hour in line and an 86 floor elevator ride we were over the city. Damn that is a really long way up! You can see everything from up there, the Chrysler building, Central Park, Macy's, New Jersey, our hotel, the Manhattan bridge and of course the Statue of Liberty which looks like a barbie doll from that distance. It was very awe inspiring, I am so glad that Chris ignored my complaining about my feet and pushed me to go up it.

After that we headed back to the hotel with dinner in hand from an Italian place that we found on the way back to the subway... lasagna and salad.... yummy!

We got back to the hotel ate, showered and got all dressed up and headed out again for the evening events. Note to all women pregnant or otherwise, after spending 8 hours wandering around on foot in NYC or any other city for that matter, do not and I repeat DO NOT wear 3 inch sexy pumps out if you have to do anymore that 10 minutes of additional walking... It is not in your feet's best interest!!!

The evenings events were to Broadway to see a musical... RENT! It was awesome! Just like everything else this weekend. Something I have never experienced, but will definitely do again. One of the leads was Frenchie Davis formerly of American Idol... Bad idea to cast her off the show, she was friggen fantastic. The whole cast was great and it was a perfect mix of all emotions. Very Sex in the City meets Friends meets Philadelphia meets That 70's Show, in a live Broadway sort of way.

After the musical I got to experience a crazy ride from a NYC/NJ car service driver, who got us back to the hotel in like 22 minutes! Should have taken 45 from what I understand... Damn, NYC professional drivers are insane!

That evening was filled with room service, packing, soaking feet in a cold tub and then sleep, in the HUGE king size bed.

The next day was full of travel, after another tasty buffet breakfast we said our goodbyes to Aimee and Bill and headed out via another car service on route to LaGuardia Airport for our flight home on West Jet. This was the first time I have flown since I was 5 or 6! Safe to say I will remember this flight...LOL

We met an awesome couple from the UK who are on an adventure around the world... They too were flying into Toronto from NYC. Their first adventure a 6 week Moose Tour across Canada then to Fiji, Australia, New Zealand and a couple other quick stops on the way back to the UK, they are not going to be back in the UK until sometime next year! I am sure they will have an awesome time.

Once we touched down at Pearson we hopped on the Robert Q and was back in my livingroom by 6pm est!

All in all it was an awesome weekend even though it rained and I woke up the first morning with a terrible sinus cold.

Thank you so much to all the parties involved, I love you all and will never forget this weekend! You all have made turning 30 a wonderful experience. I know this is going to be a great year.


mike said...

sounds like an awesome time. :)

Karen said...

what an amazing birthday! you are so lucky! Geez, chocolate chip cookies sounds like such a cheap gift now... lol

Kristine said...

Sorry I missed your birthday, so glad to hear you went to New York, that must have been the best surprise ever.