Monday, May 23, 2005

Baby update

So I just got back from the midwife... I gotta say she is awesome!

Stats update for those of you who are following:

BP 120/73
Baby's HB 140
Fundus Height 27cm ( I am 25 weeks 4 days at this point so that is almost 2 weeks ahead)
Weight 158lbs... up 23 in total.

At this point I don't have to have a gestatinal diabetes test since I am not at risk... and everything is appearing to be great at this point... this makes me happy since I understand that it is not the most pleasurable thing. Touch wood lets hope that I don't have to have one.

Other than that all is well on the baby front. I have my third and final ultrasound on Thursday, then no more... they are so uncomfortable that i am glad that this is the last one.

In other news... I am now the proud parent of 4 black mollys... fish! My sister bought me and the baby an aquarium for my birthday and I christianed it with 4 fish... Eenie, Meenie, Miney and Moe!

Mr. Burns moved to the country... and got a haircut... he is very happy at Mom and Dad's.

I am still selling the Nissan if anyone wants it... $600 bucks or obo.

L8R all

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