Friday, May 27, 2005

All you have to do is believe...

It is very rarely that I am so moved by a movie that I blog about it. Well I have been moved!

I just finished watching Finding Neverland, WOW!

The previews do it no justice.
Do you remember the way you fell in love with a story when you were a child?
How every little detail stuck in your mind like it was the only thing there?
Do you remember the day that you forgot it all?
This movie will take you back to before the day you started forgetting.

I know that I am pregnant and hormones surely came into play, but I have to say this movie has captured the part of me that I forgot I had and catapulted me back into believing the true beauty in the little things in life.
The purity of imagination.
The innocence in refusing to forget the fairies and pirates and flying friends.
The freedom to believe whatever your heart desires and your imagination can conjure.

I am going to Chapters first thing tomorrow to buy Peter Pan for the baby. This is a story that should be in every child's library. I think that this should be a prerequisite for all parents and parents to be. How else are you supposed to relate to the innocence of a child if you have forgotten the best part about being a child?

The story of Peter Pan could stand to find it's way into business as well. How many high level execs and sales people and staff in all industry are so overcome with stress and seriousness that they forget how to believe?

Believing will get you everywhere.

In other news on the baby front...

We had another ultrasound yesterday... I gather things went well, however I will not know until I see my midwife next. I was blessed with the opportunity to deal with the evil tech again so it was short but sweet with even a bit of rudeness to boot.
I am not going to post the picture since it was not a very good one but, it was still really neat to see the baby again. This will be the last ultrasound we are having unless there is a medical reason for another.
I started drawing a mural on the walls in the babies room the other day. I will post pictures when I am done.
Just a handful of days and I will be in the third trimester and then it is the home stretch :)
I am really getting excited to meet this little one, as tiring as I know it will be I have a feeling that I am about to embark on the most rewarding experience of my life.

Here's to believing!

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