Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Important SP2 Info...

Just read an important article on our current edition at work.

IF you have XP you need to read this!!!

Other than that sorry I haven't written much lately. It is summer and I have been really busy with work.

Have also been glued to the TV now that the Olympics are on. It amazes me some of the physical strengths that these incredible individuals have obtained.

Maybe I grew up a sheltered life... ( this I doubt...LOL) but do you ever remember competing at a world class level when you were say 17 or18? Or how about being able to do a 3 and a half somersault with a couple twists off a diving board, while staying in synch with another diver the whole time? Or possibly you remember swimming 400 meters in just a couple of minutes. Maybe it was the lifting a couple times your body weight over your head in a clean and jerk motion?

It is absolutely outstanding to me, the accomplishments that these young athletes are currently establishing in there sports of expertise. Well done to all of them!

Check in what's going on at this 14 day spectacle of finely tuned biological machines @ 2004 Summer The official 2004 Summer Olympics site.

Well back to reading ITA...


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