Sunday, August 22, 2004

Day in the Life with Peach Pie...

Well I have officially created my first peach pie! Truthfully I actually followed a
It was looking pretty sketchy there for a bit. It was looking A wee bit runny at the beginning, but a fast cook on 425 F for 20 minutes helped create a sweet plump, golden peach pie!

I found this recipe after 20 minutes with Ask Jeeves. All in total I think I invested 30 minutes of prep time plus 30 mins of cooking time. Not bad for a pie that I would rate at an 8 out 10. From what I read the Mean Chef seems to have a bunch of other really easy & tasty sounding recipes.

All in all the weekend was pretty uproductive. I think the highlight was getting new squash balls to try out this week. Got my hair cut too, but other than that we did squat all weekend. I was kinda nice to not not have anywhere to go.

So my car is officially good on gas. I filled up this weekend when started to get nervous and filled up at 540.8 kms on my last tank of gas. Close to 300 hundred of it was highway travel back and forth from club Caleba last weekend, but then I drove around the city and back and forth to work for a week on the remainder! Ahh the joys of owning a little red rice rocket.

Any hoo back to the olympics...

Enjoy the pie :-P

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