Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Hump Day Eh! Random thoughts from the brain...

  • Well summer is almost over... School is almost back in...
  • The season and the city are about to be filled with a buzz of colour again.
  • I had tea today with a really dear friend that is moving away to Kingston to go back to school for 4 years. Good for her. I am proud of her for taking care of herself... I will miss her. I suspect that there are a few road trips coming up in the future!
  • The peach pie was really good! Even the day after, I actually finished the last piece last night.
  • Work is stressing me out. Just like all jobs at some point, just need to get off this friggn pilot... grrr.
  • Going to a wedding in Oshawa this weekend. Chris's Uncle is getting married. What is an appropriate gift from a group? I a card and a gift certificate is appropriate... Any suggestions?
  • Happy Birthday to my Mother today. I am not sure if she reads this but I doubt she would have an issue with me revealing her age... Happy 54th today Mom!
  • Looks like we are moving again. I am happy about this! I am really excited for windows :) An absolute requirement... no more basement dungeons! I dread the thought of having to go through all the evil real estate crap again like on Stanley St. so, when this house went up for sale it was clear that it meant... time to move!
  • I need to go spend some time with my godson and his parents.
  • I am happy to see that the Canadians finally showed up for the Olympics and started winning some medals! Go Canada Go! Visit the Athens Olympics Blog to keep yourself up to date.
  • Hostage shooting in Toronto!! Today!!! Are we finally succumbing to the American way?
  • I think I want to get a new tattoo. Maybe something the celebrate my 20's? Who knows!
  • Just in case you are hungry how about a 6 pound burger?
  • The Winnipeg Police are showing streaming video of hookers!
  • Finally the non smokers are having an effect on the cancer stick makers.
  • Playboy goes CGI!

Well that is it for this moment... gonna go back to my Olympics addiction... Only a few days left.

L8R Eh!

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