Saturday, July 24, 2004

Happy Weekend :o)

Well it is the weekend... Finally!  Chris and I did something this mornign that we haven't done in ages ( boy does that make me sound  We slept in!  A novel concept I know, but a rare one.  We both woke up around 8:15 ish or so and then promptly went back to sleep.  He actually got out of bed(and then came back), me on the other hand, I kept sleeping.  We finally dragged our lazy butts out of bed after Lance took stage 19 by 61 seconds.  It was the perfect beginning to a much needed lazy weekend.

Spoke to a dear 2 dear friends last night who I haven't had nearly enough contact with lately.  Actually got to have tea with one of them... by the way sir, you look like you have lost more weight... is this a fact?  Careful you might disappear soon :o)  The other dear friend was strangely enough one of the many conversation topics that occurred over tea.  Needless to say there is a pending evening out with her tonight.  Yeah always a great time  with LVR.

I found a new blog of an old friend... made me happy to see that she is online.  Welcome Sher, great to have ya.  Tell Slumley that I think the kitty is a must keep.

I found some great pics of some pretty cool storms while perusing other blogs.  I am currently using one of the aurora Borealis photos as my wall paper.

If by chance anyone feels compelled to buy me a gift, for whatever reason, I would like this please, and one of these too. Please and thank you, with sugar on top.

Jeopardy Update... 
So Ken Jennings is still winning!  Last night was the final taped episode of the season, repeats until Labour Day.  Last night he won his 38th day in a row, has accumulated well over 1.3 million dollars and now holds another record on the show.  He holds the longest winning streak, the most dollars earned in total and now the most  winnings in a single episode ( last night he took home $75 000 U.S.D).  He beat the previous record by $23 000 for a single episode winnings.  This guy is incredible.  I mean  lets be real here for a second... when was the last time you saw a Jeopardy champion on Letterman and Leno, CNN, Regis and Kelly, and various other information shows.  Not to mention when you google Ken Jennings + Blogs + Jeopardy you get 990 hits and even a Ken Jennings Cult!

New Hair Colour!  So I have been a red head( and various shades of it) for about a year and a half now, thought maybe it was time for a change.  So this is the new shade I am currently sporting.  Otherwise known as #63 or Sparkling Amber.  I have to say it is weird to dye my hair and not have my head look like is is hemorrhaging.  I currently have no opinion of the colour since it is still in the gel stage on m y head as I blog this.

For those of you who refer to me a red, I would prefer to be known as the friend formerly known as  Or you can call me Amber now, which is much less appealing and much more pornstarish.  Ah the life of a porn star.  Speaking of porn, we have digital cable and with comes some pretty interesting stuff to watch when you get in to the 200's.  Well there is this series that is on saturday nights, which is basically the life of Seymore Butts . For those of you who do not know who he is he is an adults entertainment director. You would never expect a guy like this to be so normal, but he is! The weirdest part about the show is that you spend a large part of it listening to his mom talk about how her son is a porno director. There is some odd stuff on T.V. now adays, that's all I have to say about that!

One last link for you... cool body art!

Well time to rinse.


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