Thursday, July 22, 2004

Allo just Bloggin a bit

So I feel like getting back at it now that the computer seems to be back in a much more desirable state.  Ah to be free from the evil adware and spyware and the terrible windows mods that possessed my computer.  How appropriate is the hindsite is 20/20 saying at this point.  Oh well live and learn I suppose.   The moral of the story... USE RESTORE POINTS!!

Again another honourable mention for the google master.  Just finished reading  a couple healthy entries that I have title scanned but not really had the chance to read in the past week. What I found was an interesting link about the new XP SP2.  So being that I work for a company who specializes in doing IT research, I thought I would check out our site for some info on the topic to see what we had to say on the matter.  Well due to the fact that I cannot give out the username and password without receiving my pink slip I will tell you that we did review it on the 21st of June and gave it a thumbs up.  We also linked to this Microsoft article.   Of course I am not slamming another site or another blog, just adding to your reading library... lol.

On a culinary note ...

Rib Fest is next weekend here in London. Mmmmmm, ribs.... yes this is me drooling. I haven't been to it since Chris and I started dating because his family reunion is the same time every summer, but we are not going to the reunion this year and we will actually get to enjoy it. I can honestly say that ribfest is one of those things that make the foundations of my primary memory of London. I remember visiting here when I was a teen and the sweet aroma of BBQ  emanating through out the city atmosphere. It is a mouthwatering scent to wake up to after a tough week of work. Or in my earlier experiences a tough week of I mean lets be real this is summer we are talking about and being a teenager.

On a weather note ...

So I am sure by now that we have all heard about the Flood In Peterborough .  It makes me sad.  I really feel bad for the residents, unfortunately I am not surprised.  I lived in Peterborough for 4 years while I was at SSFC completing my education.  The sewer and drainage system  there was always less than what the city needed.  Sub standard so to speak.   It was weird, I was there over Christmas this past year and was astounded by the amount of growth that had happened since I moved to London.  Unfortunately the development was new and not improvements to the existing infrastructure.  It is a beautiful old city with the original liftlocks contained right in the heart of it, too bad the evolution of the economy is finally catching up with it.    Since the flood has reached a disaster status the Red Cross is accepting donations to help with the relief effort.  So if you feel like lending a helping hand you know where to go.

On an intellectual note ...

Okay, I consider myself to be a relatively intelligent individual, no Mensa member by any means, but I am no dolt either.  But, and I mean but in a Big Way, have you heard about Ken Jennings?  This guy hase been on Jeopardy! for 37 days and has accumulate over 1.2 million dollars in winnings!!! This guy is a machine! There is has not even been a contestant that he has faced that has even come close to shaking this guy off his throne. I would be curious to know how much the ratings for Jeopardy have increased since his reign began. He brings a whole new meaning to the term "reality television". This guy totally proves that being a geek pays off.

Well enough blogging for one night.   Time to watch the 10 years of Friends show.

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