Sunday, June 27, 2004

An Unproductive Weekend

Well not a lot to post about. I did start the new job last week, so far so good! I also quit GoodLife and for once in quite some time I finally feel like I am living the GoodLife. For a place that preaches the need to be happy and healthy it sure made me miserable and unhealthy!

There was so much I had planned to do this weekend... Go to my godson's 1st birthday party, catch the airshow, clean the apartment, go to the gym, and study for my final exam for the new job. You know random weekend domestic crap. Very little of this actually got accomplished. I started out with a case of scratchy throat and ears late Thursday evening and by Friday after work it was a full blown head cold. Complete with congestion, dry hacking cough, sneezing and a wonderful bought of dizziness! Ah the joys of being back in germ infested call centers! So needless to say I missed the party (didn't want to give Caelan a cold for his gift... that would be cruel!), saw about 20 mins of the airshow from a distance on one of my few random adventures outside. I thought the fresh air would help clear the head... alas it did not, the noise only made it worse!

We did however stop by the LJOC show and Shine in support of Child Can (a children with cancer charity event). It was a short visit since I felt craptastic, we did grab a burger and ginger ale though, in support of the charity and take lots of photos of all the cool jeeps that were there. I will post them on buzznet eventually.

Other than that the rest of the weekend was a bust! Today was filled with Laundry and studying while watching Chris repair my stereo in the car. Which for those of you who don't know shorted out about oh 4 weeks ago and has been in the shop and back into the dash of the car with no success. It is now working though I am pleased to report, and I am back in the land of the musically inclined complete with MP3's and a remote controlled deck.

The whole purpose for this entry was to share a wonderful site with all of you who are verbagely challenged. I was given it at work the other day to help me get up to snuff on all the new IT terms that I am being bombarded with. It is great for all the quirky wordisms you can imagine. If you are not familiar with Webopedia, I suggest you bookmark it!.

On another note, I am now a full fledge Mozilla
user and I recommend it to all. It is a godsend in saving you from the hell the we are all to familiar with known as POP UP ADS! Try it you will love it! I promise

Well that is all, I need to study more and possibly have something to eat.


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