Wednesday, April 28, 2004

The Perks of Dating a Car salesman!

SO Chris has been working @ London City Chrysler for 3 weeks or so now. He is in heaven and will be great at it. The trick to a successful sales job is passion for your product. He nailed that one! Well today I found out why I love him selling his passion! We (Chris and I) went to the Lajoc 1st Meeting of the year. Well Chris got to bring a Brand New TJ Unlimited to the meeting, and I got to drive it there and back!!! He wanted to take his own modified CJ 7. It looks very different than in that picture. Figure almost 3 years of tweeking and tinkering on his passion in the majority of his spare time. For example it is now black and hase a huge tire carrier on the back of it, just to mention couple small details!
So back to the the unlimited. It is sweet. 8.5 on a scale of 1 to 10. The one I drove was Patriot blue. Too cold to go topless, but still worthy of having the top on. The stereo was awesome! Felt like there base a speaker right under my ass. The handling is pretty great, aaahh power steering! Can you tell my Nissan is standard steering. A major point deductor on the TJ was the fact that it is only automatic equipped till next year. hat would be a huge buy factor for me. I have to speak volumes about the seat comforts and the positioning of the dashboard controls. The shifter lever was really low though, could have used a couple inches of extention on the shifter. The ride is extremely quiet, a major improvement on the the soft top and insulation, 100 % improvement over the old style Jeeps. The roll bars have huge amounts of padding on them though that lead to large blind spots, however the speaker system that is attached to them in amazing. Of course the best feature of all is the extra 11 inches that are on the body. A Jeep with a trunk so to speak! Ok enough about the Jeep! :op

Well tomorrow is my day off and it is supposed to be 25 degrees Celsius her tomorrow. I sure hope so, I am going for the longest bike ride if that is the case.

Well 5 days until my 29th Birthday, I have mixed emotions to this one. More about that when I get there.

Cheers all.



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