Saturday, April 10, 2004

Ever think you have something and find out you had less than you thought you did?

Well for me it was Rogers Roadside assistance. So as the story goes... I switched... Against my better judgment but I did, from Telus, to Rogers. I locked into a 2 year contract, got a colour display digital phone... Motorola c370, and the primary reason the Rogers Roadside Assistance. Needless to say, I drove to Brampton Wednesday morning from London, which is about an hour and a half on the 401 and 410. Spent the entire day in a meetings then drove home the same distance, assuming the whole time that I had an automotive fairy godmother, watching over me. The car felt great all the way home... no issues at all. Then I get home. Chat with Woodsy for a while and decided to meet him for a coffee. I head out of my dungenous apartment open the passenger side door dump off the random crap I was carrying (PDA,cell phone , stereo face platestereo face plate and some other random crap. I then, as per normal, shut and locked the door. I proceed around the rear of the vehicle, got to the trunk and realized that I left my damn keys on the seat with the PDA, cell phone and face plate!... Good job Leanne. So I waited for The Google master to show up and then headed to William's cafe for coffee and a snack. Where after some excellent catch up chat I proceeded to use my caffeinated compadre's Sympatico Cell Phone. I then spent 1.5 hours on the phone with various call center agents and managers to finally determine that yes I did have Rogers Roadside Assistance and that someone whould be at my home in the next 30 minutes to extract my keys from my car!... Only after 1 hour did I receive an apology from a manager who's name I regretfully forget, for an error on their part!... This just confirms the eerie suspicions I had about leaving such an excellent provider..Telus... to go to a consistently ill reputed provider like Rogers. Funny how you can pay for something for almost 3 full months and then only once when you need it do you realize you have been paying for something that an electronic cluster phuk of trust doesn't even realize that you have!

Blah... more tomorrow on my 3rd of 3 days off!

Happy bunny day eh!

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