Friday, April 15, 2005

The Verdict is in...

So yesterday I hit the 20 week mark in this pregnancy. 1/2 way there :)

We had an ultrasound, it was amazing! To see all the moving parts and know that this little bundle of joy has 2 arms, 2 legs, 2 of everything else that it should have 2 of and 1 of all the things that there should only be one of, is a huge sigh of relief.
The heartbeat was registering a strong 148 bpm from the cutest little 4 chambered heart I have ever seen and this kid did not like to have pictures of his/her face taken. Every time the tech tried to get a shot of the face, his/her hands moved in front of two stubborn parents create one very stubborn little kid :)
We did find out the gender however there is only a 65% chance of it so we are keeping it a secret. The reasons are obvious to some and not so obvious to most. The main reason is that I know people want to shop, and shop for gender specific items, but 65% is not big enough odds to give anyone the go ahead to buy blue or pink. So for those of you who still feel compelled to buy gender specific colours, be careful! Oh an BTW, if you are thinking it is a girl and feel compelled to buy pink, keep in mind I hate the colour pink, always have. Blue and green and yellow really are my favourite colours and like I said to Chris, until this beautiful bundle of joy can tell me what colour he/she likes then it is the colour of my choice.

SO here are the photos for your interpretation... Enjoy

picture 1
picture 2
picture 3

Congrat Jo and Ryan
and we are keeping Mr. Burns.

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