Saturday, April 02, 2005

I need a new home ...

Prrrrrrr! Posted by Hello

SO as you all know my Mommy is excpecting a new baby, and there is not enough room in this place for me and a baby so I need to get out of here.
If you catch what I am saying, I am looking for new digs. I am the center of attention and am not about to share my domain with a baby!
So if you want me I am free :)
Just a little about me...
I am fixed and friendly, and come with all the necessary garb...(travel light eh!)
I love EVERYONE! If you are wearing black I will love you even more.
I love cuddling and kids and the crazy red dot that I find randomly on the wall & floor from time to time. I am low maintenance but high attention... if you are home I want to be near you, on you or around you. I like TV, books, movies, music and all things human. My favourite place to sit is in the window, and I have even been known to hang out with other cats. I loved to be brushed and I like to play box too!
I am apparently a purebread Maine Coon, but I am not too snotty about my pedigree.
I really love my Mommy, she loves me too, but I understand that it is time for me to move on... this little being that she has growing inside her needs all her attention and I understand that.
So if you want me send her an email at and put Mr. Burns in the subject line.
Once again thanks for your time.
Mr. B


Kristine said...

Dear Mr. Burns

I wish that I had room for you in my home. I definately have room in my heart, but sadly my Jorge, whom remember doesn't like to share, especially his human. I do hope that you fine a special person and home to live in. I am sad for you that you must leave your current residence. Much luck in your pursuit for new digs.

Kristine said...
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