Thursday, October 14, 2004

... And her viewers gasped in surprise when they clicked in and out of her site to see if she had blogged...
Lets get to the bottom line... skip the mindless banter, I have been crazy busy at work... and the blog to a back burner.
:o( Sorry :o(
I can't promise that I will blog daily but I will try to get here at least once a week.
So.... I want to introduce you all to the world according to Carmi :) I recommending bookmarking it! Had I known it was here before today I would have been reading it long ago!

So work is, as always, the ever exciting & adrenaline filled rush that it always promises to be!
Every day I am amazed by the rollercoaster flux of adrenaline that I am constantly riding on.
It can be totally exhausting by the end of the day! or exhilarating!!
But I love it! & it gets me there every day, well...the free cafe mochas help ;o)

Soooo 16 days till the Halloween Party!!!
Come one come all costume required...
Great Location!
A DJ with some sweet beats...
all in a dirty haunted house and spooky treats for all!

... stay tuned for more details!

I suspect Superman will be a popular costume to be on the look out for this year on the eve of the ghosts and the goblins!

So what R U gonna be?

I am recruiting the services of a talented individual to custom make mine :)

... stay tuned for details


Anonymous said...

Party on, Leanne! Thanks for the link! I've been enjoying your archives, and look forward to your future writings as well. It's nice to have London blogging connections too!


Carmi said...

I'm not sure why that last post ended up as an anonymous one. It was indeed me. Blog on, my friend!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for blogging...I was going through