Thursday, September 02, 2004

2nd Edition...Did you learn anything new today?


Sooo I had this fabulous post that was all about the top 5 things I learned today...... and.. THEN.. IE CRASHED! I usually use only Mozilla, except what I want to do a post cuz for some strange reason Mozilla will not let me log into blogger. It's really weird. Any one got any suggestions? Drop me a comment...

Any way as the original went...

5 things I learned today...

The mind is the more powerful that a larger number of the population give theirs credit for.

  1. Attitude is everything!
  2. My sister is coming for a visit :) She will be here Saturday!
  3. More XP SP2 info.
  4. The mind is more powerful than we give it credit for.
  5. 2-3 inch heels + 8 hours x 2 days = really really sore feet.... I need new Shoes!

There was more but, meh... I can't remember.

I hope everyone learned at least one new thing today...

Chatatchya l8r


Oh ya have you heard about ... MIMO?

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Charlotte said...

Hey Leanne

its charlotte i loved ur blog, thx i hope u liked mine except it didn't really make much sense. My friend Kristina told me to tell you that hers is